U.S. Charts

The newest graphical tool added to the Econ Review web site shows a variety of U.S. charts.  While the first version of this page features the GDP and payroll employment graphs, you can also look at interest rates and yield curves.  (See the instructions to the right.)  Additional charts will be added over time.  Comments are welcome.  editor@econreview.com.

GDP vs. Employment

The recent recession has seemed to evolve into the "jobless recovery."  To get some perspective on how this compares to earlier recessions, click on the following links.

Recessions:  57  60  70  74/75  81  90  01  08

Yield Curves

The January 1981 yield curve was inverted, meaning that short-term bond yields were higher than long-term bond yields.  The January 2004 yield curve is upward sloping and reminiscent of September 1954.