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Frank Kern Review

Frank Kern Review

Frank Kern is an internet marketing specialist who is popularly known for developing branding concepts. This automated marketing strategy accelerates your sales cycle by customizing your marketing messages based on your prospect's actions. Kern is an author with two titles to his credit, as well.

He wrote a book that demonstrates how entrepreneurs can expand their businesses using internet marketing. The information he used to create the book came from his experience in the field. The other book is on how to get consumer advice quicker. He wrote this book based on his understanding of how internet sales work.

Currently, Frank Kern has four courses available to the general public. He is the inventor of Behavior Dynamic Response. This automated marketing strategy can help business owners improve their sales cycles by tailoring their marketing and advertisement messages based on the target audience's behavior. Kern is also a consultant and copywriter for internet marketing and business. He currently sells a wealth of items, mainly in the area of business self-help courses.

When it comes to effective marketing, Frank Kern's tactics and strategies are very beneficial. Still, he mainly became popular for simply marketing himself as a unique insight in an otherwise stable business environment. His appearance was that of a surfer on the west coast. The way he presented his information to his audience was rather blunt and to the point.

Frank Kern Review

Kern is from Las Vegas, Nevada and now lives with his wife and kids in San Diego, California. Frank was homeless and making less than five dollars at a fast-food restaurant over twenty-five years ago. He purchased a course to make money on the internet, making sales and took on different income streams to build his net worth.

After discovering critical sales strategies based on his sales and online innovations, he saved a tidy amount. Sales of eBooks were his crucial source of income. He had little knowledge that he wrote about in his eBooks. It was his experience in sales and marketing that propelled his popularity and revenue growth.

Given this significant career change and series of correct decisions, Frank now works as a marketing coach to business owners who want to boost their profits. One of the best of its kind is his new website. From there, he sells four different courses to help speed up revenue and rake in extra earnings for his entrepreneurial ventures.

Frank Kern's Background Story

As an ill-educated young man, Frank rose to intellectual freedom by acquiring knowledge along the journey. He is a success story of a wealthy entrepreneur, social media marketing, and business consultant.

Frank Kern Review

Frank's life changed dramatically in a short time. Kern's blogs are one of the best posts on internet marketing. Through his extensive studies, he has produced several lucrative online marketing campaigns.

His industry experience and internet marketing know-how have won him clients, from different parts of the world. His clients include actors, entrepreneurs, writers, and many other elite individuals.

Frank's accomplishments are unique because they were made in hard times. He became a door-to-door salesman and was unsuccessful at first. He was motivated to make money online from listening to different motivational speakers.

He assumes that everything is possible with hard work and inspiration. He thinks this is the most crucial element in being successful. He studied and online the internet market to understand what the market was doing to grow.

Frank Kern Review

Identifying market potentials is an excellent example of how people will profit from internet jobs. The ebook showed him how to develop an income of several thousand monthly. He needed the boost to power him to turn things around to his advantage. Many of the struggles of internet marketing, he has never looked back.

He used his books to teach others about how to best use or the most efficient way to use their websites to make a profit. It may seem like something easy, but it does prove to be a masterful stroke by getting him over a million dollars in profit, selling his ideas on marketing.

Frank's online goods and services have gained him the title of Digital Marketing strategist. The most commendable is that he believes in offering his expertise to the world. He began by educating others about how to make money online.

Frank Kern Review

He has done live seminars to show his views to a large audience. He began a blog so that he could reach a wider audience.

The blog on his web site is all about sharing online marketing tips and promoting his goods. Frank has various items that he sells that can help those who desire to make money online.

Both his ebooks, blog, and operating system are inspiring to those who want to do better. Frank Kern knows how to motivate his clients with his enthusiasm and expertise.

Courses and Materials

Frank Kern sells a wealth of items, especially in the online training courses arena. He has also dipped into other self-help and promotion fields. On his main page, he provides four high-end items. All four are comprehensive, highly participatory courses teaching essential marketing skills to everyone who wants to succeed in online business. Traditional businesses also use some of Kern's tactics.

His four-week course explores topics related to leading the market in the most effective ways, generate potential traffic, drive targeted traffic to your site, and how to market your product.

Mass Conversion

1. Mass Conversion

This course is a four-week online program. The structure of the program is to help businesses build sales funnels. Also, Kern teaches cross-selling and upselling. And you can learn about ways to generate traffic to your lead market.

Info Business Blueprint

2. Info Business Blueprint

This course teaches how to market digital goods. Some skills you will learn in this course will be how to develop digital content for sale on the internet. This course will concentrate on bringing more clients from the digital marketplace. It's a detailed analysis blueprint.

Client Acquisition System

3. Client Acquisition System

This course will teach how to run a service-based company in Singapore. This course is for those who provide a variety of clinical services. Frank will speak about how to serve your customer while keeping the lifestyle that you prefer. He will also talk about service companies, service marketing, and service brands.

Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

4. Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

This course is for people preparing to hold webinars. Online Marketing is a trending marketing technique used by many companies nowadays. Frank will advise you on making your webinar useful and how to do it the correct way. It allows you to advertise your goods and to make more money through webinars.

Books, Blog, and Podcasts

Some are critical of his work. They perceive him to be just another motivational speaker trying to make a buck; however, those who spend the time to listen to the material swear by what he has taught them once they've implemented the strategies. Frank has a host of informational blogs on his website. He also has several podcasts from over the years. He has

Frank Kern Review

In one of his blogs, KIern discusses email marketing. His advice was to learn what is happening with email marketing and why you need to find a new way to expand your customer base. He suggested that building new funnels is not always the best option if you want to scale your company. He goes on about the ever-changing marketing landscape and how you may be able to follow the trend. Much of this information is on his website for free. He has several books available for purchase and countless ebooks on various topics.

Kern has an extensive amount of knowledge on marketing strategies, funneling, and selling products. There is no shortage of ideas to help those who want to build a successful online business. Kern offers practical strategies that can guide the most clueless individual into creating something that can generate income.

Several top internet marketers owe their success to what they learned from Frank Kern. These people attribute their success to the relevant information and the knowledge they have obtained from his internet courses. The key ideas in the system that he offered revolutionized their life and turned things around for the better. These are people from different areas of the market. They built their companies in various industries based on what Kern spent years figuring out. He imparted all of this wisdom in his materials and marketed his ideas.

Final Verdict

Frank has a unique way of teaching his students the material they need to create a thriving company in this marketing era in terms of his presentation and delivery. The education's value far exceeds the cost, based on what some of his students have stated.

Some might perceive his course as costly, but what they learn allows them to make their money back, and then some. His consulting company has built current systems and has kept up with the market and the times. Frank Kern's courses on creating lead magnets, driving traffic, developing an information-based business attracting customers, and selling webinars are what future entrepreneurs need to know to achieve the same level of success as Kern.

Proven Amazon Course Review

Proven Amazon Course Review

If you’ve ever wanted to work for yourself, creating an Amazon business is a proven way to do so. The process can seem overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, you can find that your efforts were worth it.

Having an Amazon business can bring in long-lasting income, and since it has become a popular way to make money, many strategies have already been tried and tested to help minimize losses.

The Proven Amazon Course is filled with training materials to help you create a successful business on Amazon.

The entire process, from getting started as a seller to creating a product inventory and building a reliable reputation, is all outlined in the Proven Amazon Course along with tips and tricks to help improve your chances for success.

While it is possible to build your business on Amazon without assistance from a program, many new entrepreneurs have found that the process was much easier and more rewarding when they received additional help from others to create their online business.

If you’ve searched around for an online program to help you build your Amazon business, then you’ve likely come across many claims of guaranteed success if you just spend “X” amount of money with their course.

Some of these programs are proven and reliable and others—maybe not so much.

Below is my review of the Proven Amazon Course. I outline what it is, who it is for, and what’s all included with it. I then share my verdict on whether I think it is worth you buying it or not.

If you are interested in my review of the Proven Amazon Course, then keep reading below.

What Exactly is the Proven Amazon Course (PAC)?

Before you can fully understand what the Proven Amazon Course is, you first need to know the man behind it. The Proven Amazon Course was created by renowned businessman Jim Cockrum.

Proven Amazon Course Review

Since the 1990’s, Jim Cockrum has been helping entrepreneurs build their own successful businesses via his courses, books, and coaching workshops. As a result of his efforts, his students have sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products.

Jim created the Proven Amazon Course with the goal of helping more business hopefuls navigate the world of the Amazon FBA program. For this reason, this course can best be described as a complete library of knowledge about how to sell on Amazon.

Who is the PAC for?

The Proven Amazon Course is for anyone who wants help becoming a successful Amazon seller. Jim Cockrum is one of the top entrepreneurs to ever sell on Amazon, and this program is for those who are hopeful to follow in his footsteps.

What is Included in this Course?

The Proven Amazon Course covers more than 22 different topics on how to create and maintain your Amazon business. Having so much information to offer, this program can seem overwhelming at first glance, but it is actually quite easy to navigate.

Proven Amazon Course Review

Different speakers present the information in this course, and to be honest, some of them are better at lecturing than others. While some speakers are more upbeat and animated while presenting the information, some are a little more monotone and boring. Still, the information being shared is good.

The course is organized into nine different categories.

  • Getting Started
  • Arbitrage
  • Long-Term Strategies
  • Business Building
  • International Sellers
  • Merch by Amazon
  • Support and Resources
  • Live Events
  • Webinars and Workshops

Getting Started and Arbitrage

In the “Getting Started” section, this course does a great job of outlining all of the various skills and resources you will need to build and run a successful Amazon-based business. It also details the steps you will need to take to get your business off the ground.

Proven Amazon Course Review

The course explains how you will need to create your account, how the entire selling cycle works, what options you have as a seller on Amazon, and so much more.

One additional benefit of this section of the course is how it breaks down how you need to use the Amazon Seller Central dashboard. Without this course, it could be difficult for new sellers to figure out.

For help on sourcing products, listing your inventory on your account, and making your first sales, this section of the program also has you covered.

Branding is a very important aspect of being a successful online seller, and this course provides information on how to correctly build yours.

It’s often said that it “takes money to make money.” In the second section “Arbitrage: Low-Budget Sourcing,” this course explains how you can build your product inventory and make your first sales without losing too much money at the outset.

While it takes money to get started, the creator behind this course knows that if too much money is put into your business before new money can arrive, you can start off in a financial hole that is too big to fill.

The stakes that are at play while you are starting your new Amazon business are acknowledged by this course immediately, and as an entrepreneur myself, I appreciate that.

Proven Private Label 2.0

This comprehensive course details how to create “Private Label” products on Amazon. When this is done correctly, you can essentially create your own unique brand on Amazon.

Proven Amazon Course Review

This section of the Proven Amazon Course includes loads of modules that cover other aspects of building your Amazon seller brand.

For those who want to sell their own self-produced books, reading through this course can provide you with a great understanding on how best to do that on Amazon.

Product Sourcing: An Overview of the Complete How-to Guide

When selling on Amazon, sourcing the right products and building a strong relationship with partners is integral to the success of your business.

If you’re able to build your inventory with cheap but reliable products that you can sell at a decent mark-up, you can earn profits daily. Unfortunately, many sellers are unable to do this step effectively and their shop fails to yield the profits they expected to see.

Proven Amazon Course Review

One of the primary reasons to get this course is because it does an excellent job at going into detail on how to source products for your online business. Whether you want to buy products to sell in person or buy them from wholesalers online, this course breaks down the steps you need to take depending on your own methods of choice.

Regardless of if you choose to work with Chinese, American, or other international companies, this course outlines how to make the proper business connections you need to create a long-lasting partnership with your companies of choice.

What brings some Amazon sellers down is they are unable to recognize the junk from the diamonds in the rough. This course provides you with tips on how to find the potential top-sellers in the seemingly endless sea of money wasters.

The Proven Webinars and Workshops

Another aspect of this course that sets it apart from some of its competition is emphasis on helping you connect to others who are building their Amazon business just like you.

Proven Amazon Course Review

With the new and upgraded Proven Amazon Course, you will receive access to countless hours of recordings from PAC live events and webinars that are held around the world. You will also gain access to private Facebook groups that will enable you to talk with fellow PAC students.

Though often overlooked, private Facebook groups can be an invaluable way to market yourself and connect to others today. This course recognizes this and uses it to benefit you and other business hopefuls who have trusted in this program to help you see the success you have always dreamed of.

The live events and webinars include answers to many questions you may have about starting and running your online business on Amazon. These answered questions by real people who have also been in your shoes are what really add value to this course.

It’s one thing to read modules and watch videos by presenters you’ve never met, but it’s another to also be able to hear the questions and answers you want to know said by people who have sat where you’re sitting trying to build your own business.

Proven Amazon Course Review

To get the most out of this aspect of this course, I recommend taking notes as you listen to the different events and webinars and think of how you can apply the tips and lessons given to your own business.

As comprehensive as this course is, it can’t make the money for you, and running a successful Amazon business takes work and initiative.

The private Facebook groups included with this course have tens of thousands of members who can each possibly help guide you to your entrepreneurial goals, and since membership to these groups are for as long as you want to be added, that means you will always have other people you can turn to for help.

Is the Proven Amazon Course Worth it? My Verdict

After exploring all that the PAC has to offer, my verdict is that the Proven Amazon Course is worth buying if you are genuinely interested in starting your own Amazon business.

The competition is stiff for selling products online, and if you want to break out of the pack and make a proper living, you’re going to need an edge.

Proven Amazon Course Review

There is no reason to go through the process of starting a business alone if you don’t have to, and what this program offers is not only knowledge on how to get started and build your own online business platform, but also it offers an opportunity to connect with others in your position.

The creator behind the Proven Amazon Course Jim Cockrum has managed to make a name for himself as an entrepreneur and maintain it for decades, and he’s providing you with an opportunity to potentially do the same.

Whether you decide to follow this course or not should boil down to two things: What are your goals for your Amazon business, and how much help do you need to reach them?

If you are secure in your ability to build your business on your own and reach the goals that you have, then this course may not be for you.

However, given that you’ve found this review and are reading it, chances are you may feel the need to have additional help in setting up your Amazon business, and if that is the case, follow your initial instincts and try out the Proven Amazon Course today.


The Keynesians vs. the Monetarists

November 14, 1968.  The debate between the Keynesians and the monetarists reached a milestone in an exchange between Milton Friedman and Walter W. Heller.  The Seventh Annual Arthur K. Salomon Lecture at the Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University is recorded in Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy: A Dialogue, Milton Friedman and Walter W. Heller, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.: New York (1969).

Milton FriedmanAuthor (with Anna J. Schwartz) of A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960.

  • “… Walter has set up something of a straw man when he says that the issue is not whether money matters, but whether only money matters.”  [p. 46]
  • Assuming fixed prices is an important issue.  “I have been increasingly impressed that much of the disagreement about this issue stems from the fact that an important element in the Keynesian revolution in economics was the notion that prices are an institutional datum determined outside the system.”  [p. 46]
  • The interest rate is the price of credit.  The price level is the price of money.  [p. 74]
  • Key number:  the quantity of money.  [pp. 76-77]
  • Fine tuning using monetary or fiscal policy is impossible.  “I think that the evidence of the past ten years rather reinforces it, rather shows the difficulties of trying to engage in a very fine tuning of economic policy.”  [49-50]
  • Worst forecast:  The only problems inhibiting agreement on which definition of the money supply to use are Regulation Q (limit on rate on time deposits) and zero interest on demand deposits.  “The only time it makes a difference is when our silly Regulation Q gets in the way.”  [pp. 76-77]   Editor’s note:  These regulations are long gone.  The arguments over the proper definition of money are not.
Walter HellerChairman of the Council of Economic Advisers from 1961-1964, serving Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

  • We are all monetarists now.  “The issue is not whether money matters — we all grant that — but whether only money matters, as some Friedmanites .. would put it.”  [p. 16]
  • The interest rate is the price of money.  “I really don’t understand how the scarcity of any commodity can be gauged without referring to its price — or, more specifically, how the scarcity of money can be gauged without referring to interest rates.”  [p. 21]
  • Key number:  full employment surplus.
  • Fine tuning the economy works.  “… official economic forecasts have correctly led the President’s economic advisors to urge expansionary action the early 1961 to the first half of 1965; to urge restrictive fiscal-monetary policy in 1966; to urge a roller-coaster policy in 1967, consisting of (a) fiscal-monetary ease early in the year to avert recession and then (b) a call for the surtax after mid-year to help ward off resurgent inflatin; and to urge, with ever greater intensity, prompt enactment of the surtax in 1968.”  [p. 39]
  • Worst forecast:  No chance for floating exchange rates any time soon.  “… He always has an answer — flexible exchange rates. … floating exchange rates are not just around the corner.”  [p. 27]  Editor’s note:  The U.S. dropped the dollar/gold link about three years later in 1971, effectively ending the era of fixed exchange rates.

While the debate would continue for some time, the prize for winning would elude both sides.  Economic conditions in the 1970’s rendered claiming credit for the growth in the 1960’s less important as the economic policy debate shifted toward allocating blame for a painful mix of inflation and unemployment.


1982 In a widely announced policy move, Paul Volker and the Fed slowed the rate of growth of the money supply to curtail the recent inflationary spiral. Although some mathematical proofs exist that anticipated monetary policies have no real effects, the U.S. unemployment rate increased from 7.5% in 1981 to over 9.5% in 1982.

It would be hard to label the 1982 as anything less than intentional. Tight monetary policy increased the Federal funds rate, which was about 11% in 1979, to 20% by June 1981. The prime lending rate hit 21.5%, and long-term government bond yields topped out at over 15%. The ensuing recession began in July 1981 and ended in November 1982.

Victory over inflation came at a cost in terms of unemployment, but the outcome was unmistakable. Inflation as measured by the consumer price index was 13.3% in 1979, 12.5% in 1980, 8.9% in 1981, and 3.8% in 1982. The CPI inflation rate did not get above 4% until 1987.

Banks 1929b

The monetarists’ explanation for the Great Depression focuses on changes in the money supply.  In this case, the changes were not the result of a deliberate policy experiment, but were instead the outcome of a lack of Federal intervention in the banking sector at a time when conditions for banks were quite perilous.

The impacts of the pressures on banks are apparent in simple counts of the numbers of banks.  In the early years of the Depression, banks with loans to investors in the stock market were immediately at risk.  Bank runs compounded these problems even for apparently healthy banks.  Of the more than 25,000 banks in business in 1929, fewer than 15,000 survived to 1933.

The collapse in the banking sector precipitated a parallel contraction in the money supply.  A severe contraction in the money supply, whether as a result of a policy or as a result of bank failures, then leads to a severe contraction in economic activity.

A reasonable question might be “How could the government let the money supply fall like this?”  Milton Friedman, author (with Anna Schwartz) of A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960, provides us with the answer.

“We did learn something from the Great Depression. … We learned that you ought to have numbers on the quantity of money.  If the Federal Reserve System in 1929 to 1933 had been publishing statistics on the quantity of money, I don’t believe that the Great Depression could have taken the course that it did.”1

The data on the quantity of money during the Depression was calculated after the fact by researchers such as Friedman and Schwartz.  At the time, economic theory did not suggest that changes in the quantity of money could cause business cycles and, consequently, money supply statistics were not published.

1Milton Friedman and Walter W. Heller, Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy:  A Dialogue, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. (1969), pp. 79-80.

Reasons Why You Need To Consider Online Money Making

Online money making is a relatively new concept that has come up and is used by many people who are serious about making a quick buck on the side. The global economy gets worse with each passing day and the basic income of an individual may not be sufficient to cater for their needs. This is why some people need to look for other income generating sources. The other reason why people find the need to make money online is because they do not have jobs. The unemployment is extremely high and this an effect experienced all over the world.  To correct such a situation people look for avenues whereby they can enforce self employment. Online business and money making opportunities really come in handy here. There are just a few of the reasons people have for wanting to make money of the internet. However, actually you do not need a reason, everybody needs money and if an opportunity presents itself it is the responsibility of the individual to seize this opportunity.

Despite all that is written above people still do not take such opportunities and prefer to avoid making money online. There are a bunch of reasons for them wanting to do this. First would be because the internet is an extremely mistrusted resource. This is usually because nobody really has jurisdiction over what people do when they are connected to the internet. This is a problem because people feel vulnerable when they are using the internet regardless of whether they are tech savvy or not. This is the biggest problem one faces when on the internet, insecurity. Because of this high insecurity rate, people tend to avoid doing anything on the internet. To put up security is an expensive endeavor which many people would not even think about pursuing. These people are therefore abandon money making opportunities which are potential goldmines.

Majority of the reasons that have been mentioned above are credible reasons and they do happen to people. The only problem with this is that it stops you. These are what are called risks and practically ninety percent of what people do in life is part of a risk. Therefore the right thing to do would be to find ways you can reduce the likeliness of the risk occurring instead of abandoning the whole affair. Preparedness to face risks can drastically reduce the effect when the risk actually occurs. This is an actual fact. If you prepare yourself for the risks it means that you have also thought on how to counter them. Not that you may not lose anything, but you will be better positioned to fix the mess that you have landed in.

Mistakes and losses are normal for things like these regardless of whether you are using the internet or not. The stability of your idea will save you from a lot of problems when it comes to the implementation of your idea. This is why you need to stop the indecision and take advantage of the cash cow that is the internet before it is too late for you. Everything nowadays is being converted to an online availability status. When someone needs something, the first thing they do is to go online and check whether it’s there before they go to a physical store. In the event that this individual finds a good bargain online, they are definitely going to buy it. This is reason enough to prove that there is sufficient market for any products you may be selling or any service you may be offering. All you need to do is to take the plunge and make the decision to begin your online money making.

Making money online is not as impossible as people think it is. Once you get the hang of it, it will be like a breeze. The people who you hear of that have done it, started small and by the end of it all they had already gotten accustomed to it. Once the word is out, the business will become self perpetuating meaning you will not be short of clients. Internet business are also wonderful because once your site gets popular, you will get requests from other businesses to advertise their stuff on your site. This will be a secondary income earning point from your site. This is just how advantageous online business related activities can be for you. However, you need to take the initiative to begin the journey of a thousand miles.