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We welcome your story ideas and contributor requests. Please read our guidelines carefully before pitching or sending your piece to our editorial team.

We accept articles on the following topics:

  • Business matters
  • Fintech
  • Marketing strategies
  • Startup Ventures
  • Industry trends

Once your story matches any of the mentioned topics, please make sure your article is:

  • About 800 words in length and no longer than 1,500;
  • Clear, concise and free of grammatical errors;
  • Written in American English;
  • Referencing authoritative sites with links;
  • Arranged thoughtfully, with headlines and subheadlines, and
  • Engaging and informative, with a clear introduction and conclusion of your premise.

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    Econ Review is an online magazine dedicated to providing business analytics, studying marketing strategies and discussions on business, tech, and finance. We provide entrepreneurs of all levels –from C-level executives to startup hopefuls – a viable resource on all things business and finance.


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